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A very good estimation of the cancer risk is related specifically to the microscopic aspect. Other factors, the family history as well as the presence of an inherited gene determining the increase in the risk of breast cancer are also considered.

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But, if a woman known with fibrocystic mastosis has not undergone any biopsy, then it is impossible to calculate the specific individual risk of developing cancer. Material and methods: The cancerul se transmite prin sarut collected as a study material and considered refer to: the total number of cases investigated and diagnosed with fibrocystic mastosis, the annual distribution of this disease cases, the distribution of the cases according to age groups, admission reasons, clinical examination, personal pathologic history clinically significant for the basic disease the main diagnosisthe family medical history significant for the basic disease, the anatomopathological diagnosis.

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There was high frequency of the anatomopathological examinations that cancer results benign the presence of fibrocystic lesions both proliferative and non-proliferativeand the second most often diagnosis is fibroadenoma. Though fibrocystic mastosis is not clearly defined, it is still admitted that in order to support this diagnosis it is first compulsory to exclude malignant tumours.

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The lesion that delimits cancer from non-cancer is ductal carcinoma in situ. Clinical expe-rience with percutaneus large-core needle biopsies of the breast and evaluation of cytopathological and histopathological results.

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Zentralbl Gynakol. Popârlan T, Muscă S. Rolul factorilor de prognostic ai cancerului mamar în evaluarea supravieţuirii.

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Factori prognostici în cancerul mamar. Chinyama CN. Dupont W. Risk factors for breast cancer in women with proliferative breast disease.

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New Engl J Med ; Ivan A. Tratat de epidemiologie a bolilor transmisibile. Editura Polirom, Iaşi, Haagensen C. Diseases of the breast, 3rd Ed. Philadelphia P. Saunders Les mastopathies benignes.


Med Chir Paris-FranceGynecologie. McFarlane ME. Benign breast diseases in an Afro-Caribbean population.

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