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Ancestral Therapy and Emotional Detox

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You will love the Peace and Smell of Nature. This is a two-part Healing Experience. You will first receive detox therapy session and then learn to increase health and streinghten your Inmune System. Reishi o Ganoderma Lucidum is a medicinal mushroom with a long history of use as a Chinese medicine for promotion of health and longevity.

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We will continue with a detox therapy to create intention and connect mind and body. After the mind and body enter in a relaxation state, we will continue with a ceremony to clear each chakra point in the body.

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You will feel a lot of light going throught your body during the process as blockages dissolve and toxic emotions are released. You will receive the healing session, but also I will teach you techniques to help support others in your circle of family and friends and spread a "State of Well Being".

Master Detox

We will end the experience sipping a cup of Reishi coffee to end the detox. There will be plenty of water infused with medicinal herbs from the garden.

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I leave you a link from the magazine Science Direct regarding this amazing healing mushroom. Reishi o Ganoderma Lucidum is a medicinal mushroo… află mai multe Yinia Akua s-a angajat să asigure siguranța Această gazdă s-a angajat să respecte regulile de siguranță și curățenie ale Airbnb referitoare la COVID, inclusiv să respecte regulile de distanțare socială, să practice o bună igienă și să se asigure că toți participanții poartă o mască.

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Ce este inclus Water infused with Medicinal Herbs from Ainayam garden. Chocolate and

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