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Medicii i-au EXTRAS din corp un VIERME URIAŞ. Ce greşeală a făcut femeia din imagine

Adăugați în lista de dorințe Instalați Traduceți descrierea în română folosind Google Traducere? That huge terrible worm just swallowed Grandma! Now it's right behind me!

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Dunno what it is but it's BIG! I hardly could hide myself behind a recycle bin, but it smashed my bike! Witnesses say they saw something like a big black snake that appeared from the ground and attacked a tiger No, I have no idea what the tiger tratament naturist papiloame pe gat doing in Buffalo.

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Look there! It's a flying saucer!

Evită aceste situații, fii foarte atent la ce anume accesezi și la ce fișiere primești.

And it's going to land here! Oh look!!

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That big vierme urias just jumped into the sky and bit off half the saucer! Have you seen that?!

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Looks like a big caterpillar but has no legs! My grandfather told me about those giant worms when I was a kid. He told there were many of them before and they stole cows right from the pasture another day. But I never saw one myself.

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Be careful! It's time to take the mind-boggling underground Monster under your control!

Medicii i-au EXTRAS din corp un VIERME URIAŞ. Ce greşeală a făcut femeia din imagine

What is he? An alien? An awakened prehistoric predator?

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Genetic monster? It is really not important for those unfortunate who have sunk into oblivion in his giant poisonous throat.

Nothing personal - it's just the vierme urias lunch time. Jungle or city, hot sands or Antarctic ice desert - the Monster feeds everywhere… and the terror never ends!

Animals, birds, businessmen, punks, lizards, and even dangerous vierme urias like tiger, shark or alligator are now nothing more than snacks for your omnivorous monster worm!

Meet the highly anticipated Android version of the original Death Worm game - a Top indie game of all times according to Indiegames portal! Play a Blitz game on the go to have a bite!

A trăit patru ani cu un vierme uriaş în el. Medicii s-au îngrozit când l-au văzut | Click

Then get back and challenge yourself in another Survival game round trying to feed your hungry monster pet as long as you can! Gain XP points and earn coins to unlock new locations and beat dozens of challenging levels in Campaign Mode!

And never get bored with the Mini Games! Upgrade and level up your worm! Unlock other worm types that are even more powerful and exciting! Become stronger and get further with the new worm upgrades! Fight and destroy enemies of over 40 types!

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This is the game that perfectly suits if you need to quickly relieve stress or vierme urias have fun! Over 20, of downloads vierme urias Death Worm, 20 Million people addicted to Death Worm can't be wrong! Optimized for smartphones and tablets! Martorii spun că au văzut ceva de genul unui șarpe neagră mare care a apărut de la sol și a atacat un tigru Este o farfurie zburatoare!

Si o sa aterizeze aici Oh, uite, acel lucru mare a sarit in cer si a picat pe jumatate din farfurie! Arată ca o omidă mare, dar nu are picioare!

Deadh Worm #1 SUNT UN VIERME URIAS!!!!

Aveți grijă! E timpul sa iei sub control Monsterul sub minte!

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Ceea ce este el? Un extraterestru? Un prădător preistoric trezit? Gene monstru?

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  3. A trăit patru ani cu un vierme uriaş în el. Medicii s-au îngrozit când l-au văzut | Click
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