Cancer benign skin, Cancerul de piele – câteva lucruri de știut de către pacienți

cancer benign skin

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Abstract This is the overview of several hospitalized cases of skin tumors this year based on which we analyzed the information in the literature concerning the clinical features, the evolution and therapy of these skin neoplasms.

The tumors that develop in the skin fibrous tissue sometimes on a prior lesion need to be analyzed from a multidisciplinary perspective, therefore it is essential for the surgeon, the pathologist and the oncologist to consistently cooperate and to solve all issues related to the evolution of the case, which may be at times less favorable.

Patients and method: In what follows we will introduce two clinical cases of dermato-fibrosarcoma protuberans Darier-Ferrand met in our recent practice this year, accompanied by the data found in the specialized literature concerning the clinical features, evolution and therapy of these quite rare skin lesions.

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Also we present another two cases of skin neoplasm. Results: All operated patients have survived since the surgery without any indication of relapse.

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Discussion: The attention of the surgeons is focused quite rarely on such skin tumors, since the patients with such lesions are usually treated by dermatologists. This cases we met in cancer benign skin recent years made us analyze the specialized literature in this field and to draw different conclusions. Conclusions: Each skin tumor where there are doubts concerning the diagnosis must be treated with extreme care and caution.

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We personally prefer a larger excision of an apparently benign tumor rather than making an insufficient excision. The operated patients must be consistently monitored throughout their lives.

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Some Basal Cell Skin Cancers Aggressive

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