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Medtorrents este comunitate libera, de acea Download-ul este gratuit. Puteti expedia materialele Dvs pe mail: admin medtorrents. Scratching the perianal area leads to hand contamination with infective ova and reinfection of enterobius eggs host.

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Pinworm spewing its eggs. Enterobius vermicularis is prevalent throughout the world but occurs more commonly in temperate climates.


The name is derived from the long, sharply pointed tail of the female worm. Gravid females contain an average of 11, ova, which they deposit in the perianal and perineal areas during their nightly migrations.

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Resultant anal pruritus is the most common symptom of this infection. Adult pinworm Enterobius vermicularis in the perianal area of a year-old boy. Perianal inspection 2 to 3 hours after the child goes to sleep may reveal pinworms that have migrated outside of the intestinal tract.

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Threadworm observed in the cecum of a year-old woman during colonoscopy. Enterobiasis pin worm or threadworm infection.

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Top : section showing adult pinworm Enterobius vermicularis in lumen of appendix. Down : showing numerous eggs within the coiled uteri.

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