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Telocyte - a particular cell phenotype. Infrastructure, relationships inverted papilloma malignant change putative functions Nicolae Mirancea Here we review on the infrastructure, relationships and putative role of a new cell phenotype termed telocyte.

Ultrastructural and immunochemical characteristics of telocytes, their identification in different tissues, homo- and heterocellular telocyte s contacts and considerations concerning their putative role in normal as well as pathological conditions are largely presented.

In this respect, we report about a body of evidence that endoneurial fibroblasts dendritic cells share some infrastructural characteristics with telocyte phenotype. Telocytes involvement in pathology, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine is also debated. In order to improve bioavailability and minimize adverse effects, drug delivery systems based on magnetic nanocomposites are under development mainly for cancer imaging and antitumor therapy.

This review paper highlights the modern research directions currently employed to demonstrate the utility of the pH responsive core-shell magnetic NPs in diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases.

Age-related hypoxia in CNS pathology George Mihai Badescu, Madalina Filfan, Ovidiu Ciobanu, Danut-Adrian Dumbrava, Aurel Popa-Wagner Although neuropathological conditions differ in the etiology of the inflammatory response, cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuroinflammation are probably similar in aging, hypertension, depression and cognitive impairment.

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Moreover, a number of common risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and atherosclerosis are increasingly understood to act as silent contributors to neuroinflammation and can underlie the development of disorders such as cerebral small vessel disease cSVD and subsequent dementia.

On the other hand, acute neuroinflammation, such as in response to traumatic or cerebral ischemia, aggravates the acute damage and can lead to a number of pathological such as depression, post-stroke dementia and potentially neurodegeneration.

All of those sequelae impair recovery and most of them provide the ground for further cerebrovascular events and a vicious cycle develops. Therefore, understanding the mechanisms associated with vascular dementia, stroke and related complications is of paramount importance in improving current preventive and therapeutic interventions. Likewise, understanding of molecular factors and pathways associated with neuroinflammation will eventually enable the discovery and implementation of new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies indicated in a wide range of neurological conditions.

Associating pregnancy with liver diseases has distinct particularities.

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The authors will perform a presentation of the etiopathogenic, diagnosis and therapeutic conduct particularities regarding the association between pregnancy, chronic liver diseases and mental disorders.

The three pathological entities are analyzed separately, followed by a study of a triple association. Associating pregnancy and mental disorders has been better studied due to a higher frequency of mental disorders, especially postpartum, but the triple association pregnancy, chronic hepatitis with viral etiology mainly, and mental disorders has been less analyzed. There is concluded that pregnancy, through the physiological changes it undergoes, as well as its pathology, represents a clearly influencing factor of the association with a chronic liver disease or with a mental disorder.

Messy granuloma: an additional pattern of granulomatous reaction Angel Fernandez-Flores, Jose Luis Rodriguez-Peralto Aim: There are six main types of granulomas in dermatopathology. The aim is to present tratamentul papiloamelor mari describe a seventh pattern of granuloma that we came across while studying biopsies of cutaneous leishmaniasis.

Materials and Methods: We investigated 17 cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis. A granulomatous response was identified in 14 of them. The features that were common to all of them were noted. These common features were compared with the morphological characteristics of the already known six types of granuloma in cutaneous biopsies from our archives. We also looked for figures of granulomas in cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis from the literature. Results: The granulomas identified in all of our cases of inverted papilloma malignant change were composed of epithelioid elongated glassy histiocytes, arranged in a randomly disorganized pattern.

We dubbed these messy granulomas. Additionally, the granulomas presented with necrotic eosinophilic material that did not collect in the center, but rather intermingled with the elongated histiocytes. We found many examples in the literature in which the granulomas could be reclassified as messy. Conclusions: Messy granuloma - although not inverted papilloma malignant change of leishmaniasis - seems to be quite characteristic of leishmaniasis, at least of cutaneous leishmaniasis.

We have investigated three such tumors, two of them displaying a rather poor stroma, while the third was distinctive due to its stroma and large numbers of inflammatory cells infiltrating the tumor. Taking into consideration the roles played by IL-8 and its two receptors, CXCR1 and CXCR2, this pattern of expression offers some insights on the potential roles of these molecules in tumor survival, cell proliferation and angiogenesis.

inverted papilloma malignant change

Furthermore, given the expression of Tip bebe pentru viermi interleukin-1 and TNF tumor necrosis factor receptors by the tumor cells, IL-8 production by such cells might be under the control of these pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Surgical resection remains the essential element in the local control of the disease but the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools can enhance the results of radical surgery.

The indication for adjuvant treatment majorly depends on a correct pathological assessment of the inverted papilloma malignant change specimen inverted papilloma malignant change a correct pTNM staging.

For patients diagnosed with stage III disease characterized by the presence of lymph node metastasesadjuvant chemotherapy increases the survival rate, while in stage II disease, in most inverted papilloma malignant change, the chemotherapy is contraindicated, due to increase morbidity without real benefit. This is why an accurate pN stage becomes essential. It is proven that classic pathological exam sometimes fails to identify lymph node micrometastases or isolate tumor cells, which might explain local or distant relapses in stage II patients.

In our study, we evaluated a total of 39 surgical specimens of cTNM stage II patients operated for colon or rectal cancer. In the attempt to enhance the accuracy of pTNM staging we used ex vivo lymph node mapping combined with sentinel node analysis on serial sections in both classical histological and immunohistochemical IHC staining.

We have demonstrated that the IHC staining on sentinel lymph node can improve the accuracy of pTNM staging, when used as a complementary diagnostic test, by identifying micrometastases and isolated tumor cells. Testosterone stimulates proliferation and preserves stemness of human adult mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells Maria Cristina Corotchi, Mirel Adrian Popa, Maya Simionescu Human adult stem and progenitor cells are promising cell types widely studied for their clinical benefits.

A reduced number of stem cells present in the human body are associated with numerous dysfunctions. Isolated mesenchymal stem cells MSCs and endothelial progenitor cells EPCs were cultured and then stimulated with different concentration of testosterone nM.

inverted papilloma malignant change

The cellular proliferation rate, adhesion, and viability were measured in real-time using xCELLigence system and DNA-cell proliferation assay. The immunophenotype of the stimulated cells versus non-stimulated cells was determined by flow cytometry. The maximal effect on MSCs and EPCs proliferation was obtained at 40 nM testosterone; this concentration was used in further experiments. The cellular index measured in real-time by impedance-based dynamic measurements revealed that 40 nM testosterone had a proliferative effect on both MSCs and EPCs, having a proliferative index of cca.

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Furthermore, flow cytometry assay indicated that testosterone stimulation did not alter the phenotype of MSCs and EPCs, both cell types preserving the expression of the characteristic surface markers. Testosterone stimulation increases the proliferation and preserves stemness of MSCs and EPCs suggesting that, besides other factors, the hormone may engineer these cells and increase their therapeutic potential.

The prognostic significance of p53, Bax, Bcl-2 and cyclin E protein overexpression in colon cancer - an immunohistochemical study using the tissue microarray technique Carmen Stanca Melincovici, Carmen Mihaela Mihu, Mariana Marginean, Adina Bianca Bosca, Andrei Coneac, Ioana Moldovan, Maria Crisan In colon cancer, biological markers continue to have a limited prognostic value, the results being controversial.

Studies of cell-cycle regulatory proteins and anti-apoptotic proteins aim to identify groups of patients that develop more aggressive tumors and might benefit from an individualized prevenirea tratamentului paraziților la om management.

The present study evaluates the prognostic role of the p53, Bax, Bcl-2 and cyclin E immunoexpression in colon cancer, using the tissue microarray TMA method. Tissue samples were obtained from 31 patients operated for colon cancer, embedded in TMA paraffin blocks and immunohistochemically stained for p53, Bax, Bcl-2 and cyclin E.

We evaluated the relationship between the overexpression of these proteins and the clinico-pathological parameters, as well as the effect of these molecular markers on the survival rate. The individual inverted papilloma malignant change of the studied proteins did inverted papilloma malignant change influence the survival rate. The current study identified groups of patients with a significantly lower survival rate, which consequently are at an increased risk to develop tumors with a more aggressive biological behavior.

Inverted papilloma malignant change. Vasile Nicolae - Citazioni di Google Scholar

As compared to wild type, mice with inactivation of menin presented an increased Ki67 proliferation index. Mice presenting the E7 oncogene showed larger thyroid glands with a pattern of diffuse hyperplasia. The inactivation of menin in the thyroid gland of young mice does not seem to change the histological pattern, but it influences the proliferation of follicular cells.

Further molecular studies especially in aged mice are needed to better understand the correlation between certain oncogenes and the inactive status of menin. Basal cell carcinoma develops in contact with the epidermal basal cell layer - a three-dimensional morphological study Ionica Pirici, Marius Eugen Ciurea, Ion Mindrila, Ioan Avramoiu, Alexandru Pirici, Monica Georgiana Nicola, Otilia-Constantina Rogoveanu Basal cell carcinoma paraziti dientamoeba fragilis blastocystis hominis the most common malignant tumor of the skin, and it develops most frequently on the areas of the body that make its treatment and care extremely difficult, especially in cases of neglecting or aggressive growth and invasion.

Both typical mild cases as well as locally aggressive tumor types do not tend to metastasize, and it has been postulated that they should share some common biological and morphological features that might explain this behavior. In this study, we have utilized a high-resolution three-dimensional reconstruction technique on pathological samples from 15 cases of common aggressive fibrosing and adenoid types and mild superficial type basal cell carcinomas, and showed that all these types shared contact points and bridges with the underlying basal cell layer of the epidermis or hpv behandlung salbe the outmost layer of the hair follicle.

The morphology of the connection bridges was also different, adjacent moderate to abundant inflammatory infiltrate seeming to lead to a loss of basaloid features in these areas. For the adenoid type, tumor islands seemed to be connected also to each other more strongly, forming a common tumor lace, and while it has been showed that superficial and fibrosing types have higher recurrence risks, all together these data might iterate a connection between the number of bridging points and the biological and clinical manifestation of this skin tumor.

The obtained nanocomposite coatings exhibited an antimicrobial activity superior to bare ZnO nanoparticles NPs and to the control antibiotic against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, as revealed by the lower minimal inhibitory concentration values. For the quantitative measurement of biofilm-embedded microbial cells, a culture-based, viable cell count method was used.

The coated wound dressings proved to be more resistant to S. These results, correlated with the good in vivo biodistribution open new directions for the design of nanostructured bioactive coating and surfaces, which can find applications in the medical field, for obtaining improved bioactive wound dressings and prosthetic devices, but also in food packaging and cosmetic industry.

We aimed to analyze the BM thickness in asthma patients, in order to validate the relationship between its changes and the disease severity defined in agreement with inverted papilloma malignant change Global Initiative for Asthma GINA criteria. The study group has inverted papilloma malignant change formed of 38 patients with different degrees of severity of asthma established by spirometry using Forced Expiratory Volume in one second FEV1and two patients without asthma symptoms as controls.

For each case, the BM measurement has been realized by a point-by-point method. Statistical analysis has antibiotique contre papillomavirus performed using SPSS 17 software, by applying non-parametric correlation tests. The quantitative assessment revealed a progressive increase in BM thickness during the course of the disease, from a mean value of Postmenopausal osteoporosis - clinical, biological and histopathological aspects Oana-Roxana Pavel, Mihaela Popescu, Liliana Novac, Laurentiu Mogoanta, Laurentiu Petrisor Pavel, Razvan-Marius Vicas, Magdalena-Rodica Traistaru Osteoporosis is one of the most common disorders in postmenopausal women, affecting the quality of life and increasing the risk for fractures in minor traumas.

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Changes in the bone microarchitecture causes static changes in the body and affects motility. In this study, we analyzed two groups of women, one with physiological inverted papilloma malignant change and one with surgically induced menopause.

The diagnosis of osteoporosis was suspected based on the clinical symptoms and confirmed by assessing bone mineral density by the dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry DEXA. Comparing some clinical and biological aspects there was noted that a much higher percentage of women with surgically induced menopause exhibited increases in body mass index, changes in serum lipids, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose, serum calcium, magnesemia and osteocalcin.

In contrast, no significant differences were observed in the histopathological aspects of bone tissue examined from these two groups.

In all patients, there was identified a significant reduction in the number of osteocytes and osteoblasts, the expansion of haversian channels, reducing the number of trabecular bone in the cancellous bone with wide areola cavities often full of adipose tissue, non-homogenous demineralization of both the compact bone and the cancellous bone, atrophy and even absence of the endosteal, and the presence of multiple microfractures.

Our study showed that early surgically induced menopause more intensely alters the lipid, inverted papilloma malignant change and mineral metabolism, thus favoring the onset of osteoporosis. Experimental study regarding the biocompatibility test of the Prolene polypropylene abdominal mesh product Elena-Violeta Radu, Ionut-Simion Coman, Oana-Ilona David, Stefan-Iulian Bedereag, Ruxandra-Diana Sinescu, Valentin-Titus Grigorean, Mihai Popescu, Cristian-Dumitru Lupascu, Nicolae-Dan Straja, Ioan-Petre Florescu The polypropylene mesh, although is one of the most used prosthetic biomaterials for abdominal wall defects, proved not to be completely inert, inverted papilloma malignant change clinică de eliminare a paraziților precocious foreign body inflammatory reactions varying by individual reactivity, the amount of used material and its structureto late complications such as chronic infections, stercoral fistulae or mesh migration.

The present paper was aimed at studying the behavior of implants of this material in three different areas of the body of experimental animals, as follows: intramuscular, intraperitoneal and extraperitoneal. The observation time was 21 days and 90 days. We observed foreign body reactions induced locally by the mesh that remains temporary, generating a moderate number of macrophages and foreign body giant cells.

The material did not systemically affect the healing and the scaring of the surgical wounds, but in all three implant areas, the polypropylene mesh generated locally a fibrous proliferation reaction of neoformation tissue, which wrapped and secured the implanted product on all surfaces. Morphological and clinical characteristics of the torus palatinus and torus mandibularis in a sample of young and adults Romanian people Monica Scrieciu, Veronica Mercut, Razvan Mercut, Carrol Birjovanu, Mihaela Cristina Stan, Iulia Roxana Marinescu, Mihaela Niculescu, Daniel Iorgulescu, Marilena Bataiosu The oral exostoses are protuberance located on the alveolar surfaces of the jawbones with nodular, flat or pedunculated shape.

The purpose of this study was to highlight the variability of the morphological and clinical characteristics of torus palatinus TP and torus mandibularis Inverted papilloma malignant change in a sample of young and adults Romanian people.

The morphological characteristics of the tori were non-metrical evaluated by the standard procedures of the clinical examination. Descriptive statistics only including means, averages and percentage incidence have been used to describe the results.

Of inverted papilloma malignant change 74 study participants, 31 The most of the palatal tori had spindle shaped, located in all area of the hard palate The round mandibular tori with big size were located in the area of both premolars, and those with elongate shape were located in the canine-premolars area.

The palatal tori were more frequently in women and the frequency of mandibular tori was equally in men and women. Most of the palatal tori had spindle shape and most of the mandibular tori were solitary bilateral. Experimental measurement of flexion-extension movement in normal and corpse prosthetic elbow joint Daniela Tarnita, Danut-Nicolae Tarnita This paper presents a comparative experimental study of flexion-extension movement in healthy elbow and in the prosthetic elbow joint fixed on an original experimental bench.

Measurements were carried out in order to validate the functional morphology and a new elbow prosthesis type ball head. The three-dimensional 3D model and the physical prototype of our experimental bench used to test elbow endoprosthesis papillomas risk of cancer flexion-extension and pronation-supination movements is presented.

The measurements were carried out on a group of nine healthy subjects and on the prosthetic corpse elbow, the experimental data being obtained for flexion-extension movement cycles. Experimental data for the two different flexion-extension tests for the nine subjects and for the corpse prosthetic papillomas viruss were acquired using SimiMotion video system.

Experimental data were processed statistically. The corresponding graphs were obtained for all subjects in the experimental group, and for corpse prosthetic elbow for both flexion-extension tests.

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The statistical analysis has proved that the flexion angles of healthy elbows were significantly close to the values measured at the prosthetic elbow fixed on the experimental bench. The studied elbow prosthesis manages to re-establish the mobility for the elbow joint as close to the normal one. An optical investigation of dentinal discoloration due to commonly endodontic sealers, using the transmitted light polarizing microscopy and spectrophotometry Ioana Suciu, Ecaterina Ionescu, Bogdan Alexandru Dimitriu, Ruxandra-Ioana Bartok, Georgiana-Florentina Moldoveanu, Irina-Maria Gheorghiu, Ileana Suciu, Mihai Ciocirdel The aim of this study was to establish the degree of tooth crown staining by commonly used endodontic sealers.

The samples were divided into five groups of five samples each, after root canal sealing. Five teeth were used as control groups.

Papiloma virus labial

The spectrophotometric method was performed in order to quantify in terms of color change of the coronal part it was also recorded a track on how the color changes over time.

For the microscopic study of the extracted dental specimens subjected to this study, polarized transmitted light microscopy was used. This method involves the development of special microscopic preparations, called thin sections. In our case, the thin section was performed on 20 prepared and obturated recently extracted teeth.

The degree of discoloration was determined after one week and three months using spectrophotometry and polarized light microscopy. All sealers usually cause some degree of discoloration on the cervical aspect of the crowns that increases in time.

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  • Material and method: We conducted a cohort type 2 prospective study.

Morphological aspects of the rectal neovascularization in colorectal tablete pentru oxiuri - anatomical-surgical and imaging implications Delia Hinganu, Iuliana Eva, Cristinel Ionel Stan, Marius Valeriu Hinganu Colorectal neoplasia has an increasing incidence among the population, and this fact compels in achieving an early diagnosis and treatment protocols.

The extramural vascular invasion EMVI score is a method used for staging cancer. It defines the presence of malignant cells in the blood vessels, outside its own vascular tunic.

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the extramural vascular invasion, and thus the impact of this determination in diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of condilomul la femei este neoplasia. This was done using magnetic resonance images MRI of colonoscopic diagnosed patients with colorectal cancer and subsequently comparing these results with the control group of patients without malignancy. The EMVI criteria taken into account were correlated with the images obtained in patients in the study group.

In each of the evaluated patients, we found both, arterial and venous blood vessels in 0 stage - EMVI correlated with T2 or T3 stage tumor. Blood and lymph vessels have a high density inverted papilloma malignant change their origin area and it decreases anteriorly.

This distribution is consistent with a predisposition to the formation of a vascular rectal cancer, especially on the posterior wall. In conclusion, anatomical-imaging staging of colorectal cancers using EMVI score is very close to the colonoscopic diagnosis and to the accuracy of the classic cancer staging.

Corroborating EMVI score with a vascular radiology reference pattern improves the accuracy for determining an appropriate treatment and assessment of prognosis. Study of CK18 and GDF5 immunoexpression in oral squamous cell carcinoma and their prognostic value Mihai-Catalin Afrem, Stefania Craitoiu, Mihaela-Cezarina Hincu, Horia Octavian Manolea, Vasile Nicolae, Monica Mihaela Craitoiu Oral cavity cancer remains one of the most common cancers worldwide, with an increased incidence in young adults, although there has been lately a decrease tendency in inverted papilloma malignant change incidence of this form of cancer.

inverted papilloma malignant change

Lingual localization has a very high mortality and tends to be more aggressive becoming frequently metastatic at the regional lymph nodes. The purpose of this study is to investigate the immunohistochemical expression of cytokeratin 18 CK18 and the reactivity to GDF5 CDMP-1called the morphogenetic protein-1, cartilage-derived, in lingual squamous cell carcinoma and the correlation between the immunoreactivity of this panel of antibodies, and the clinical stage, the degree of differentiation and the invasion pattern.

In this regard, we studied the immunohistochemical behavior of these markers in 15 cases of lingual squamous cell carcinoma. In our study, we observed the correlation of CK18 and GDF5 expression with the clinical stage, differentiation degree and invasion pattern, the highest levels of immunoreactivity being recorded in poorly differentiated forms, in high-level invasion patterns and in the most advanced stages.

The markers used can become therapeutic targets, which could help increase the quality of life and life expectancy for these patients.

Sphenoethmoid Inverted Papilloma

In this study, we used multicolor fluorescent in situ hybridization FISH probes for chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X and Y to evaluate the aneuploidy incidence in sperm cells.

The study group included 35 males with infertility and oligoasthenoteratozoospermia OAT and 20 males with normal fertility and normal semen characteristics for which the conventional cytogenetic investigation using peripheral blood revealed a normal karyotype.

Colon Colon cancer benign polyps are benign epithelial formations. Parazit celular Respiratory papillomatosis survival rate Înțelesul "oxiuro" în dicționarul Spaniolă, La enterobiasis sintomas Tumor markers in endometrial cancer Tumor markers in endometrial cancer Incidenţa endometriozei şi a endometriozei atipice în cazul tumorilor ovariene epiteliale Cancer endometrial - Wikipedia Endometrial cancer type 1 and 2. Articulații papilloma Intraductal papilloma with epithelial hyperplasia Vaccines and vaccination HPV reprezintă un grup de peste de virusuri înrudite, dintre care peste 40 sunt răspândite hpv vaccine near me contact sexual direct.

The overall chromosome disomy and nulisomy in OAT group was higher than the one identified in the control group. Inverted papilloma malignant change comparing the incidence of the disomy in the OAT group, the highest incidence was the sex chromosome disomy, followed by the disomy of chromosomes 13, 21 equal values and then The nulisomy incidence in the OAT group was higher for sex chromosomes, followed by the nulisomy of autosomes 13, then 21 and As in these days, for patients with OAT, intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI is frequently used, it is important to inform the patients if they might have an increased risk of aneuploidies in embryos.

Corresponding author: Nicoleta Ioana Andreescu; e-mail: nicollandreescu yahoo. The analysis of tumor markers involved in the pathogenesis of Warthin s tumor can improve the patients prognosis. This study included 29 cases of Warthin s tumor, which were histopathologically and immunohistochemically examined for different compartments of tumors.