Neuroendocrine cancer day 2020

Paraziții din plămâni sunt simptome, Paraziţii intestinali pot cauza tuse seacă, iritativă!

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This meeting is the major European scientific forum in the field of pancreatology. Here, basic scientists and clinicians convene to exchange ideas and discuss novel findings related to the biology of the pancreas and its diseases. We par ticularly encourage young scientists to participate, as this event is an ideal oppor tunity for international networking and to obtain first-hand information on current and future trends in pancreas research.

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We will offer a program that covers hot topics in basic and clinical pancreatology with a focus on translational aspects.

The program will be organized as keynote lectures, thematic symposia, oral presentations based on submitted abstracts, and poster sessions.

EPC will provide travel grants for young researchers. The 51st meeting of the EPC will take place in Bergen, a historic city that is the gateway to the Nor wegian fjords.

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It is beautifully located along the western coast line with a pulsating harbour surrounded by seven mountains. A s the city has only 2 75, inhabitants, the conference site and major hotel s are all located in the city centre and within walking distance of each other.

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Moreover, Bergen is easy to reach via a new airport that serves several major European hubs with direct flights. We look forward to welcoming you in Bergen, June 26th- neuroendocrine cancer day 2020, !