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Oct at Title: Recoil - subHuman Post by oberkorn on Oct at Noul album Recoil va apare in Alan Wilder, ex-membru Depeche Mode,  ne va tine la curent cu pregatirile pentru noul album prin intermediul unei serii de filmulete ce vor fi postate pe internet. In primul sau mesaj dezvaluie cateva lucruri interesante despre implicarea lui in remasterizarea albumelor Depeche Mode, cat si despre noul material la care lucreaza.

Se pare ca in acest moment are deja intre 6 si 8 cantece.

You need to or Post by Kaleid on Oct at Yeeeey in numele tuturor fanilor Recoil!! Post by oberkorn on Oct at Dupa cum unii dintre voi stiu, iar altii nu stiu, dar vor afla acum, Robert Schilling - romanul de la Mute - este implicat in productia acestui nou album Recoil. Post by celectro75 on Post by slapper on Oct at Deocamdata nu-mi revin dupa ce am vazut ce s-a buhait baiatu' asta Sincer, decat un nou album Recoil mai bine producator al unui nou material DM Lucru imposibil insa, atat timp cat nu se sting piticii dintre Martin si Intraductal papilloma tumor Oct at ufufuf!

Post by Nașterea și verucile genitale on Oct at Vreau sa ma "apuc " si eu de Recoil. Ce recomandati pt incepatori? Post by Kaleid on Oct at Eu as recomanda oricui care ar vrea sa se apuce de ascultat ceva sa inceapa cu inceputul, cu primul album, pana la ultimul. Asta daac vrea chiar sa afle ceva si sa spuna ca a ascultat si sa aiba o parere solida.

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Pentru cei care doresc sa afle ce vrea de la piata muzicala respectivul, cel mai avizat ar fi sa asculte doar single-urile. Pentru cei care vor doar o impresie, doar o parere in linii mari, cel mai bine ar fi doar cateva hituri. Oct at D'abia astept materialu'! Habar n'aveti cat ma bucur,deja topai intr-un picior Mar at Stati pe aproape, caci sunt pe drum noutati despre albumul Recoil asteptat in acest an.

Post by sorindm on Mar at 5 years after Alan Wilder's last solo album, the highly acclaimed "Liquid" CD released under the Recoil moniker in Marchthe former Depeche Mode member has confirmed that he will start up his studiowork again this year. The very last material by the hand of Alan Wilder was the additional production on Paul Kendall’s "Capture" album out on records under the name of The Digital Intervention.

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As our last interview with Alan Wilder in March shows, Wilder - who is responsible for the captivating sound on a string of Depeche Mode hits - has been enjoying the past few years spending time with his family and taking a break from the music business. Wilder:"I've been enjoying all the things I never seemed to have time for when I was in the studio.

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They include travelling, re-kindling relationships with other members of the Wilder family, spending time with my kids and helping with their upbringing, spending time with Hep and taking her out occasionally, building a new glass courtyard, entertaining friends, playing tennis, walking, watching cricket, decorating, and drinking Campari while enjoying the best English summer we've had for a century.

The Recoil website Shunt will feature information regarding forthcoming releases etc on due time. In the meantime, Dave Gahan confirmed our colleagues from D-Side that Alan Wilder wants to rework several songs from Depeche Mode, in particular titles from "Songs of faith and devotion" and "Violator", in the light of new technology such as suround sound and 5.

It adds up to what we reported a few months ago, namingly that Mute has plans to reissue the band's back catalogue with "" being a first test. Mar at "Alan is currently in his Thin Line studio working on new Recoil material.

Честь. Страна!» Однако в списке было еще одно сообщение, которого он пока не видел и которое никогда не смог бы объяснить.

The project is progressing well although it is unlikely that a release date will be announced this year. Mar at According to some informationAlan expects to release the new Recoil album by the end of Post by Blue Dress on Mar at In sfarsit scoate si Alan un album nou!

Sper sa ma surprinda placut cu ceva diferit! Mar at M-a si speriat topicul asta, asa pus primul. Am crezut ca chiar a iesit albumul si nu am fost eu pe faza.

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Post by amadeus on Mar at buey fratilor nu ne mai dati sperante!!. In preparation for the release of the new Recoil album, Recoil would like to offer you opportunity to send questions to Alan regarding Recoil, the new album, what he's been up to for the last five years, etc. Answers to interesting questions will be posted to the Recoil MySpace Blog as part of an exclusive, pre-release interview. Questions are only being taken through the Recoil MySpace bulletin; questions submitted via any other method will possibly be ignored, so if you really want an answer straight from Alan himself, you must add Recoil as a friend to your MySpace account.

Mar at s-a Da,bine,ce stiti voi depsre Alan?? Sint unii pe aici care asculta manele si spun ca Alan a fost si cu asta basta!!! N-ai ce sa le ceri unora care au auzit ptr prima oara de DM in. Si daca-i vei intreba prin Da,Alan s-a ingrasat,petrece mult timp cu familia si ma bucur ptr el si veti vedea ca va lansa un gen biine actualizat si ca se va situa,MUZICAL vorbindcu mult peste gore si Gahan,solo,desigur. Si nu este vreo competitie,dar pe cind alan face ARTA,ceilalti cu proectele lor solo  alearga dupa "malai",vezi Gahan.

Disperat sa plece in turneu si intr-un interviu a spus ca vanzarea merge ok sia scos bani buni Saracul de el,n-o avea bani de Mar at Eu cred ca Alan are rolul lui aparte, pe care nimeni nu i-l poate nega.

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Orice alte discutii, mi se par de prisos. A avut o contributie esentiala in materie de sound, iar cine contesta asta inseamna ca fie nu a ascultat albumele cu Alan decat cu degetul pe FFWD cancer colon jeune femme a sarit de la o piesa la alta, fie a devenit fan de la Ultra incoace si se uita la Alan cum ma uit eu la Vince Clarke. Post by cristim on Mar at Ma bucur si sunt foarte curios de paraziti subhumani cu urechi de chitară adoptat.

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This piece is just to give you a quick rundown on what I've been doing for the last year or so. It's now September and after a long hiatus I suppose from music bussiness I decided finaly almost pushed back into the studio. The first couple of months of recording was realy just reintroducing myself into the technology, updating all my equipment and relearning all the things I'd forgotten about during such a long break.

So it didn't realy get going until perhaps January this year with actualy writing any music. And I spend the first 6 months of this year just pre-programming, trying to come up with some ideas and some atmospheres before I set about trying to find some singers to work with.

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By April I'd managed to get together about 6, 7 or 8 tracks wich were still embryonic but formed of kind of nucleus of an idea metastatic cancer in bone an LP.

And at that point I started searching around for singers. And I came across a realy realy interesting blues-singer from Austin, Texas. So in May I got hold of Paul Kendall who's also going to be working with me on this album and we went of to Texas along with Hepzibah my lovely wife and assistant.

And we went to Texas and we recorded for a week with this blues-singer and got loads of good stuff done.

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And then I came back to my studio. We started compiling all those vocals and since then I've realy got it to a stage where we're allways ready to mix the album. So here we are as I said in September and we are at the early stages of mixing And I'm still looking to introduce one more vocalist on the album.

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A female voice to balance out what the male singer's done. The LP is as yet untiteled. And we have to still organize things like artwork an all those things. In the meantime what else have I been doing? I've been doing a little bit of work with the Depeche Mode remasters. That's the 5. And my involvement in that has been as an executive producer where I've gone into the studio and just cast an ear paraziti subhumani cu urechi de chitară the mixes that have been done.

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I havn't realy been hands-on. I've just been there to listen, advice and comment and give my feedback. So that's realy what we've been doing.

We also made some films to go with those releases wich are included an an extra disc.

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So anyone??? Other things. The Recoil website will be re-launched sometime quite soon to coincide with the new LP and hopefully that will give you lots more information about what to expect. What else ce medicamente să trateze negii I tell you?

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That's about it for now. So things are going very well. It's at a good stage and we're all on course to get it finished. SO I hope you will enjoy it when it does get released and I speak to you again later. Post by daddycool on Mar at wrote on Mar at : s-a Mar at Frate,cum sa nu ma supar cand il iubesc pe Alan din !!? Nu-l stiu de ieri de azi Si nu-i cerusem nimic in scrisoare,atentie!!

Am scris doar despre fanii romani din pina in si cu lux de amanunte unele chestii,ce numai in Germania mai puteai vedea. Si ma mandresc cu asta,ma mandresc eu cu multe si nu mi-e rusine ca-s atat de fanatic. Da,sint,imi place si este lumea mea.

Am pus sufletpun si asa voi fii pina la moartealaturi de el si DM,chiar daca in ultima perioada am cam criticat stilul DM DM raman DM si mergem cu ei puna la capat. Multi se intreaba de ce Precious este atata de aparte! Nu este nici o diferenta intre Precious si alte melodii vechi Vii tu Mar at "recoil, well, the album is finished, the artwork is pretty much done, the website is being worked on and alan isn't going to play live, bah, alan you are paraziti subhumani cu urechi de chitară mean, i would love to see alan back on stage again.

Оглядывая свой роскошно меблированный кабинет, он думал о том, что достиг потолка в структуре АНБ. Его кабинет находился на девятом этаже - в так называемом Коридоре красного дерева. Кабинет номер 9А197. Директорские апартаменты.

Mar at Alan Wilder completes new Recoil album According to Mute Records, the new Recoil album is now finished and should be with us very soon. They don’t say anything about the title,style or release date. Mar at Mai bine sa nu spuna stilul,numele albumului,etc Atentie, frige!!! May at Suna al naibii de bine, Alan nu se dezminte!

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Nici nu ma asteptam sa fie altfel Sunt helmintox otzivi k tot materialul nou e de calitate, starea vizibila de euforie a lui Alan confirma asta.

Deja nu mai am stare, imi vine sa rup foile de la calendar!!! You need to or Alan Wilder has a brand new video update that has been posted on You Tube. Alan not only talks about details on making the new record, but also gives a sample of a song called “Pray”.

Post by razvan on May at e prematur, dar mie nu-mi place paraziti subhumani cu urechi de chitară auzit May at E prematur intr-adevar. Din ce am auzit si eu pot sa fac asa ceva cu Acidul, emulatoarele si drums-urile mele. Zlabutz, zlabutz!

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Oare o avea bacterie zmc pentru softurile alea sau umbla si el cu Warez-ul cum umblu si eu? Am mai vazut eu bogatani-cleptomani. Hai ca am luat-o pe alaturi Post by surrender on May at ai cam luat-o prin buruieni May at Alan in cariera lui nu a inceput de la 0 zero cum sunt nevoiti sa faca o gramada de artisti El s-a bucurat de avantajul pe care i l-a dat brand-ul DM.

Sincer sa fiu am ascultat pe Acid Planet creatii mai frumoase decat ale lui dar au ramas pe Acid Planet. Artistii respectivi poate nici n-au reusit sa vanda ceva Nu ma intelege gresit, imi place ce a facut Alan pana acum dar poate diferenta imensa intre creatia lui si cele DM in my opinion da un aspect critic aprecierilor mele.

L-am urcat si eu in slavi pe Alan pentru sunetul DM dar ma gandesc din ce in ce mai des in ultimul timp ca sunetul exceptional al erei Wilder este de fapt o May at sound-ul DM a fost mereu o colaborare, pt ca alan wilder nu lucra singur in studio.